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Virginia Hill Thibodeau passed away suddenly on January 26, 2018. Ginny, as she was known by most, was born in New London, in 1960. Her preteen years were spend growing up in Waterford. It was here that she found her life long passion for the ocean and walking excursions. Ginny’s family moved to North Granby, where she grew to love sports and formed her first enduring friendship. As a senior in high school, she left an athletic legacy and is remembered on a plaque as Co-Female Athlete of the Year. Ginny’s love of sports continued as she graduated from CCSU with a degree in Physical Education. While in college she continued to form friendships that she maintained throughout her lifetime.


In her early 50’s, Ginny enjoyed photography as a new hobby. Joining the Canton Camera Club and Simsbury Camera Club, Ginny jumped into the learning process, honing her skills. She found joy in taking many kinds of photos, but was most fulfilled by pictures of nature, her home town of Canton, and family and friends.

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